Chrome OS for Tablets Demo

Chrome OS was designed for laptops mainly although a natural progression will soon see it available on tablet devices. Chrome OS is on online OS that requires you be connected to the internet to use it. When you boot up (which takes a few seconds), you log in to your Google account and when that is done, you get all your documents, images and email no matter which device running Chrome OS you log in to. By making it cloud based, a stolen laptop wouldn’t be too much of an issue as your data would be safe and all your documents would be available from a new computer.

With tablets being more touch based than a laptop, the interface needs to be tweaked a little. Fran├žois Beaufort has created a new software build and has also put a video online showing what Chrome OS on tablets will be like.

A number of changes are apparent in the tablet version such as the larger fonts/icons etc… The reason for the change of everything is that tablets need to take input from touch rather than a small mouse pointer. Making the various elements larger allows less error when wanting to tap an icon on screen (think back to WM6 with the small keyboard and buttons… this is why larger touch areas are needed).

We don’t know at the moment when Chrome OS for tablets will be available, so any guess is literally just a guess right now. I’d hope to see it towards the end of this year though.


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