Childrens GPS Tracker Watch

lok8u-num8-children-gps-tracking-watchThe GPS tracker watch is designed for children to be worn so that their parents can keep track and know where they are. It might be classed as an invasion of privacy for children, but at the same time it could also protect a child if something unfortunate was to happen.

The watch is named the “lok8u num8” which I guess is in the txt-msg style that some people use and actually means “locate you” – “new mate”. The watch side of the device is just your standard watch that tells the time. Inside a GPS tracking chip and locator is found that has an accuracy of up to 3 meters which isn’t bad at all. The device works similar to how latitude works from Google in that the system uses a mobile phone network to send GPS coordinates to which then an authorised user can look at the location.

The system also has a safety zone feature which lets you know by email or text if the wearer leaves a specific zone marked on a map. If you text “wru” to the device it will also send it’s coordinates back to you.

The watch has a battery capable of keeping it running for 2-3 days between charges. It is also waterproof and quite a sturdy build. The strap is also sturdy too as it’s made of a web of reinforced steel. I guess the safety part is to prevent children taking it off.

In some ways it pushes the boundaries a little, but at this time I guess it’s up to parents to decide.

The watch costs £149.99 and has a £4.99/month emergency tariff or for those extra paranoid there is a £19.99/month tariff. Available from Amazon. Via: Zath


  1. Hello!

    I am from Israel, and i’would like to know a few things:
    1.Do you shiping your product to Israel?
    2.I would like to know the price per unit for distribution in Israel?

  2. love the green tracker watch how much are they ?

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