ChevronWP7 Runs Out of Tokens to Unlock WP Devices

ChevronWP7 is a service that can unlock Windows Phone smartphones so that they can be used for development. Originally, Microsoft [MSFT] was opposed to the idea although they then backed the idea so that developers could test apps and install them on devices without going the official route. The service was originally granted 10,000 unlock tokens that could be sold on to users and all those tokens are now sold. For some reason, more tokens haven’t been requested yet.

Rafael Rivera confirmed that the tokens were gone and that they hadn’t requested more just yet:

“They can’t provide us with more unlocks because we haven’t asked yet,” Rivera said. “If we do request more, we’re sure Microsoft will respond positively – as they have in the past.”

So, Microsoft hasn’t gone back on its word and all it seems to be related to is ChevronWP7 and the decision to request more tokens. As for the reasons why they haven’t yet requested the tokens, perhaps the company is evaluating options and where to go next with the service. 10K tokens is quite a good achievement in terms of sales, but perhaps they want to just leave it where it is for now.


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