CheherryPal Launch $99 Netbook Called Africa

cherrypal-africa-01CherryPal have launched a new netbook called Africa. The real interesting thing here is that they are selling it for $99. For the $99 you get a 7 inch screen along with a 400 MHz processor, 256MB of RAM and 2GB of storage.

The Africa netbook runs either a Linux or Windows CE operating system and is designed with developing countries in mind allowing the digital divide to close up.

Although not the most powerful of netbooks around it certainly comes in as the cheapest (that I know of). Windows CE might be a little less interesting than Windows 7 for example, but for $99 you get a netbook that can go online as well as allow you to check emails.

You can purchase the CherryPal Africa from the CherryPal website.

Via: SlipperyBrick


  1. psikeyhackr says

    I payed $3000 for and IBM PC in 1981.

    That ain’t slow it just shouldn’t have today’s SLOW, BLOATED and INEFFICIENT software installed on it.

    I would sooner buy that then a Kindle or a Nook. It’s twice as fast as my Archos PMA400 and has a bigger screen in and a keyboard. My Archos does fit in a pocket though.

    Americans are spoiled and don’t know the RIGHT machines to buy. Have to keep up with the dumb Joneses.

  2. Man I really want one of these! So you can go on the web right? You can write documents too right? How much is the shipping I want one!!

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