Zero Charger Launched by AT&T – A new Eco-Friendly Phone Charger

AT&T are stepping in to eco-friendly territory by creating a new USB mobile phone charger that aims to be more efficient than other chargers on the market.

The device is called the AT&T Zero Charger and aims to cut power completely to the charger when the connected device is fully charged, thus saving energy which would other wise be wasted. It is common knowledge that phone charger when plugged in can still draw power from the mains even when nothing is connected, or a connected phone is fully charged. The new Zero Charger was designed to cut that excess waste.

As well as introducing the new eco-friendly Zero Charger, AT&T have also looked in to packaging the device in a way that makes it even more eco-friendly by using a recycled cardboard container to ship it in.

The price at the moment is unknown, but we should find out in May when AT&T plan to launch it.

Via: OhGizmo

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