How to Change back to Old Google

Last week, Google [GOOG] changed the layout of their search engine results pages by introducing a left sidebar that brings a number of “refining” features to your searches such as being able to search for products, blogs, images etc…

Other changes included slight modifications to the fonts, images and general layout of the results. However, a number of people do not seem so keen on the changes made and prefer the older familiar version. If that’s you then Google has provided a link where you can access the old results.

The main problem is that this older interface link doesn’t seem to be permanent and Google hasn’t mentioned if and when the old style search will be removed.

Unfortunately for all of out there that don’t like the new Google search format, Google has said eventually there will not be a way to access the old look. Well not officially any way, so make the most of the old style before it get assigned to Internet history.

We personally recommend just using the new search results pages as Google will phase the older look out soon we believe, and at that point you will be forced to switch anyway unless you decide to go elsewhere for your searches.

Via: Geeky Gadgets


  1. Sweet Trish says

    I know Google has made more updates this year, but I guess I got stuck with the old version. Is there any way that I can fix it and stay it that way?

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