Cect W100 Wrist Watch Phone

The Cect W100 is a wrist watch with built in GSM on the 900/1800MHz range. This allows it to be used as a phone. It is built by Qiao Xing Mobile Communications Co Ltd and is fully packed with features. As well as being able to make phone calls the watch can play MP3 music or show 3GP and MP4 movies. As well as the audio and video capabilities there is a camera built in which has a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels.

Talk time is around 3 – 4 hours with about 200 – 280 hours of standby time. SMS and MMS messages can be sent/received and calls can either make the watch ring or vibrate. Ring tones are fully customisable too with the ability to play MP3 or MP4’s. The screen it touch screen which allows you to either write on the face of the watch or tap the screen for dialing. Memory wise, the watch phone supports up to 2GB on a MicroSD card. That’s a crazy amount of features just there with others such as Bluetooth, Alarms, calculator, graphics editor, memos, calendar, stopwatch and a few more.

Via: BusinessWire


  1. wil this work with a bluetooth keyboard?

  2. I am not too sure as I cannot find what BT profiles it supports. I would hope it would, but that’s just my wish and not fact.

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