Cassette MP3 Player

Cassette MP3 Player
The Cassette MP3 player is a unique way of using old hardware with new technology. The MP3 player is in the shape of a cassette and has the spindle holes in the middle which act as a fast forward and rewind switches to allow your regular cassette player to take control of it. It is made by a company named MobiBLU and has 256MB of storage.

Although I have no need for an MP3 player like this, I can see it does have a use particularly in a car with an older stereo system where CD/MP3 is not possible. With the tape MP3 being able to go inside the tape player it also allows you to record anything that is sent to it.

MobiBLU Cassette MP3 Player

If you really want to get one of these then unfortunately you probably wont unless its from eBay as they were stopped a few years back. It is kind of old technology now, but still worth sharing with you.

Via: Dansdata


  1. Abdullah says

    i want buy some of Cassette MP3 Player, Where can i buy? how
    i am from saudi arabia

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