Casio XJ-A Series Projectors Launched

Casio have created a new projector called the Casio XJ-A series that aims to be “clean and green” according to their press release. The projector achieves this by using laser LED hybrids rather than mercury lamps. The projector is capable of up to 3000 lumens brightness.

The projector it’s self actually looks quite impressive. It’s slim at 43mm and weighs just 2.3KG. Depth and width dimensions show it having the footprint of an A4 sheet of paper.

The light source is capable of throwing a 1,280×800 resolution image at a 16:10 aspect ratio and there are seven models to choose from in the range. For connectivity some of the projectors have Wifi and USB allowing you to easily transfer data to the projector.

Full details in the translated press release can be found over here that includes pricing and availability details.

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