Casio Exilim EX-FC160S Golf Camera Announced

Casio is launching a new Exilim point & shoot digital camera. To add to the basic features seen in most point & shoot cameras, Casio has decided to do something unique by gearing the camera towards golfers.

The camera has a 10 megapixel sensor that is backside-illuminated. What this allows it to do is capture video at 240fps in good quality. The idea behind this camera is that you put it on a tripod and record your golf swing at 240 frames per second. The camera then plays the footage back at 30 frames per second essentially slowing the footage right down. When this is done, the Exilim digital camera places lines on the screen to help you track your golf swing and see where you need to improve.

To help you even more with your golf swing, Casio has managed to put a guide book together by a Japanese professional golfer called Chie Arimura.

Other features of the EX-FC160S include 5 times optical zoom with the widest point being 37mm. Thanks to the smart sensor built in, the camera is also capable of capturing still images at 40 frames per second although the images captured are not at the highest resolution.

The camera won’t be launched fully as it is a limited edition model with just 5,000 units being made and sold in Japan as of August 27.

Via: Crave

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