Canon VIXIA HF M32 gets 64GB Flash Memory and Expandable to 2TB

Canon has announced a new VIXIA flash memory based camcorder called the Canon VIXIA HF M32 that comes with 64GB of internal flash memory and supports 32GB to 2TB SDXC memory cards for additional storage.

If maxing out the memory on the Canon HF M32, you get a huge amount of storage, up to 24 hours, that can be used to capture HD video.

The body of the HF M32 is lightweight. The lens on the system is a Genuine Canon HD Video Lens. Inside the camera capturing and processing image is a HD image sensor and a DIGIC DV III image processor. The screen is LCD and is touchscreen allowing you to easily navigate through menus.

Smart Auto: Makes shooting great video even easier by utilizing Canon’s DIGIC DV III Image Processor to intelligently detect and analyze brightness, color, distance and movement and automatically select the best setting for the scene being recorded.
Touch & Track: Enables users to select a subject on the Touch Panel LCD which will then be recognized and tracked. This sophisticated technology recognizes faces, objects, and even animals, ensuring the subject will always be in focus and properly exposed.
Relay Recording: Allows users to capture uninterrupted video when the primary recording media is full. The camcorder will continue to record a scene by switching from one memory source to the other as it fills up, so that a moment of action will not be missed.
Powered IS: In addition to Canon’s Dynamic SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization, Powered IS provides an even higher level of compensation for subtle hand movement at the telephoto end of the zoom range. This new enhancement can be engaged by pressing the Powered IS button on the LCD panel.
HD-to-SD Downconversion: Enables users to convert recorded HD video to standard-definition files while preserving the original HD video. These standard-definition files make it even more convenient to share video online or create a DVD.
Advanced Video Snapshot: Provides the flexibility of capturing two, four, or eight second video clips while recording or during playback.

As well as using SDXC memory cards, the camera can use regular SD cards such as the Eye-Fi range of cards so that images and video captures on the camera can be automatically transferred to a nearby PC or over a wireless network.

Canon are launching the VIXIA HF M32 in September and it will be priced at $999.99.

Via: Engadget

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