Canon Rebel T2i vs Canon EOS 7D

CameraTown have put together an in-depth review of the Canon Rebel T2i versus the Canon EOS 7D.

When the Canon T2i was first announced it surprised many in that it had quite an extensive feature set that included an 18 megapixel CMOS sensor and full HD 1080p movie recording. A lot of the features on the Canon T2i have been handed down from the Canon EOS 7D. The T2i is around $850 cheaper which makes you wonder which of the two cameras you should choose… the more expensive Canon EOS 7D priced at $1,649.95, or the Canon Rebel T2i priced at $799.99 which would give you an extra $850 to spend on lenses.

Deciding which camera to buy all depends on what you will use it for. The Canon EOS 7D has a stronger more rugged body and is designed more for professionals. The Canon Rebel T2i is still an excellent camera. If you are mainly shooting video then both cameras are on par, but should photos be what you are after then you need to compare the frame rates and “if” you actually need the frame rates and AF performance amongst other things.

The full comparison along with a video of the unboxing can be found over here.


  1. Here are a few observations from using EOS Rebel T2i for the past 2 days:

    * RAW files from this camera not supported in OS X yet
    * MOV files created will test your computers speed
    * MOV files in 1080p will eat up ~330MB/min and use ~15mbit/s bitrate
    * Good starter lens, but I can already tell I’ll want something to supplement it
    * Great fit and finish
    * Very light

    • Hi,
      You said ”
      “RAW files from this camera not supported in OS X yet”

      So, how do you get the footage onto a mac. I currently use Canon HV 20…with mini DV, so I just hook it up with firewire and transfer footage. Is that not possible because it is 1080P? What is the work around?

  2. mike cliff says

    That has to be operator error. RAW files are RAW files, of course they are supported in OS X. I watched a guy edit photos for hours tonight in Lightroom off of his T2i.

  3. robert dugal says

    I hate the T2i. Anyone thinking about the T2i should be aware of the busy flash issue. After taking multiple pictures in a row using built-in flash, the camera will show a busy message and take up to 10 seconds before you are able to take another picture. Never had this problem with my Rebel XT. Here’s direct quote from Canon support:

    The busy message occurs when the flash has discharged and requires time to charge. This amount of time will increase when the battery becomes depleted. Recharging the battery will reduce the amount of time required, between photographs. I do not believe the issue you’re experiencing is a malfunction, as it is noted in the users manual on page 70.

    • Robert, most people who rely heavily on a flash use an external flash.. After about 10 pictures constantly using the flash it will do that. Its to be expected. Your camera seems to be working perfectly.

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