Canon Powershot SD4000 IS Digital ELPH Announced

Canon has announced a new digital camera called the Canon Powershot SD4000. The new digital camera falls in to a new series of camera called Digital ELPH that uses a high-sensitivity system allowing for the lens to capture at a bright f/2.0 setting.

The camera is a point and shoot camera that uses the Canon HS System to capture the enhanced images. As well as being good at capturing in low light situations the camera is also capable of capturing in HD.

The CMOS sensor can capture at 10 megapixels and is back-illuminated. For processing images after they are captured the camera uses the DIGIC 4 image processor. By using the DIGIC 4 in line with the HS SYSTEM the camera can enhance the images as well as reduce noise at higher ISO speeds.

Other features on the SD4000 include a burst mode that allows up to 8.4 frames per second to be captured.

“With the introduction of the new PowerShot SD4000 IS, Canon is putting the power of high-quality photography in an ultra-compact size to amplify the experience and quality customers see when shooting with a Canon camera,” said Yuichi Ishizuka, executive vice president and general manager, Consumer Imaging Group, Canon U.S.A. “The two functions in the HS SYSTEM allow our customers to capture the clearest pictures in any setting, resulting in more of a professional look.”

Another handy feature built in to the Canon SD4000 is a super slow motion movie function that allows video to be captured at 240 frames per second. This allows the video to be slowed right down and allows the camera to capture some interesting results.

The screen measures 3.0 inches and is a wide angle/wide screen made of LCD. The lens allows for 3.8X optical zoom.

# Support of the high-spec SDXC memory cards with the maximum storage of two terabytes (TB) in SDA standard.
# Eye-Fi memory card connectivity, where wireless data can directly transfer to PCs.
# New scene modes, such as miniature and fish-eye effects help to increase overall creativity.
# Smart Shutter technology, which automatically takes pictures when a person smiles or winks; resulting in less re-takes.

The new camera from Canon will launch towards the end of May and will carry a price tag of around $349.99.

Via: Engadget


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    This camera is so compact. I like it.

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