Canon EOS T2i / EOS 550D Reviewed at DPReview

Just a few days ago we came across a few sites that had done reviews of the Canon EOS T2i digital SLR camera. The T2i is also known as the EOS 550D and is Canon’s latest digital SLR camera to hit the market.

The camera it’s self is hard to categorise as it takes features of higher end cameras, puts them in the body of a 500D and comes in as as entry level camera but at a higher price.

DPReview have uploaded a massive review (I’m talking 30 pages long massive here) to give the full run down of what the camera can do and what it is capable of doing.

The conclusion ends by them rating it 77% and them giving it a Gold Award for what it can achieve. I recommend checking out the full review found over here.

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