Canon EOS 450D Review

canon-eos-450dCanon has created some superb Digital SLR cameras over the years and by some, are seen as a leader in photography. The Canon EOS 450D is Canon’s top entry level camera in to the DSLR world. It is a step up from the 1000D model which is bottom of the entry level class. Lets take a closer look.

The EOS 450D has a 12.2 megapixel CMOS sensor providing clear images at a high resolution of 4272×2848 pixels. It is capable of capturing images at 3.5 frames per second. It uses the DIGIC III image processor that controls the functions of the camera and allows quick access to the cameras SD memory card.

The LCD on the back of the camera is 3″ in size. The screen provides all details of the settings, conditions and also can be used like other cameras, to scroll through images stored on the memory card. The 450D also features Live View which allows you to use the screen as a view finder. Not all DSLR cameras have this handy feature that we get used to on our point and shoot smaller cameras.

Photos can be captured in JPEG mode or RAW. If you capture in JPEG you get the final, enhanced image right from the camera where as with RAW it allows you to make quite a few changes after taking the picture which is handy in some situations as JPEG doesn’t always show enough dynamic range. This is the same for most cameras though, so if your images are not quite right then switch to RAW and edit afterwards.

A self cleaning system is used in this camera which keeps the mirrors and CMOS sensor dust free. I find this a handy system to have in a camera due to the swapping and changing of lenses.

Canon EOS 450D Features

# 12.2 MP CMOS sensor
# 3.5fps
# 9-point wide-area AF
# EOS Integrated Cleaning System
# 3.0 LCD with Live View mode
# DIGIC III Processor
# Large, bright viewfinder
# Total image control
# Compact and lightweight
# Compatible with EF/EF-S lenses and EX Speedlites
# Included 18-55 lense
# Standard Zoom Lens exclusively designed for the EOS 300D
# Compact and lightweight
# High image quality at all focal lengths
# Optimised lens coatings to minimise ghosting and flare
# Fast AF speed
# Very close focusing distance
# Lead-free optics

Overall this is a fantastic camera for those wanting to start out in the DSLR market. It’s build quality is great and image quality from Canon cameras and Lense’s is also top notch too.

The Canon EOS 450D is available from Empire Direct currently costing £469.99 which also includes an 18-55mm Lens.


  1. I am a rookie that just bought a brand new 450D and unfortunately an error message “error 99” popped out during the time i was shooting (testing) in full excitements…..luckyly it come with 1 yr warranty (plan to extend). Seaching through internet and found out a lots of differents meaning for it like lens, memory ,shutter ,battery issues. But its brand new , how come this can be happened …. hopefully i can get a new replacement. God bless.

  2. The 450D is a nice camera and I haven’t experienced the error yet. Could it be that you have an older EOS 450D with an older firmware? I know the EOS 50D had this error too and a firmware update seemed to fix it. It might be worth searching on the Canon site and checking if you have the latest firmware.

    If it’s new then I’d take it back for a replacement as it shouldn’t happen.

  3. On my Canon 450D it happend just during taking photos and I could not get rid of the ERR 99. I tried takieng out all removable parts for a while and after reconnecting them back I got ERR 99 again.

    The camera is only a few months old and if there were a problem I should have seen it earlier.

    Very worrying as it stopped me taking photographs on an important occasion, ocassion which will not be repeated.

    I wander if Nikon has such problems!?

  4. Yes I have the same error. Did you figure it out what it was. I was taking photos and it did that exact thing to me. And I had an occasion,not something too special, but a family outing that I was tottaly annoyed about not having a working camera.I’m still frustrated and annoyed.Its a year old.I have a 5 year warranty so I intend to use it.But I have no idea what’s caused it.Did you find out?

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