Canon Wonder Camera Concept Unveiled

Over at World Expo 2010, Canon unveiled a new concept camera called the Canon Wonder Camera. The camera itself shows where cameras could be in twenty years time, ie it wont be available to buy any time soon.

With the Wonder Camera it is capable of capturing a very high resolution video. According to Gizmag the idea is that everything in the frame is kept in focus allowing you to grab any part of the video you want to use. The all in focus feature is achieved by some proprietary technology.

As well as capturing high resolution video and keeping the whole image in focus, the system will also allow for a single lens that is capable of macro to 5000mm focal length meaning that carrying several lenses around will no longer be necessary. This part of the technology hasn’t been finalised yet although the company believe they can achieve it in 20 years time.

The concept camera also shows no buttons or dials and instead, looks to be operated by a large touchscreen.

It looks like impressive stuff and especially if they can get such a lens in place with an all in focus image (if required) and the ability to capture video of a subject and pick out the right frames as needed.

Of course with it being concept and 20 years out there is no real release date or pricing.

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