Camera Phones to Assist the Blind

ivisit-seescanA company named iVisit who are more known for teleconferencing apps on mobile phones as well as desktops are in the process of creating a new application that assists the blind. The application uses the camera of a mobile phone to detect objects with image recognition and read out aloud what it is looking at. Handy uses for such an application could be to hold the phone over your hand while holding a bank note and have it read out to the the value of the note.

The software is called SeeScan and from the video demonstration below, seems to run very well. Lets hope the final version works as smooth as they show. Check it out below…

Via: MedGadget


  1. Go Doodads says

    My brother in law is blind and i would like to get this application. Do you have any idea how much is this? Thanks! I know this could help him.

  2. Mark Northcott says

    maybe the blind person should move to canada.. all the currency has braille on it.

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