Camera+ App Hits 2 Million Sales – Sales Figures Detailed

The team behind the iPhone Camera+ app, Tap Tap Tap, have just hit the 2 million sales mark for the said app. Along with hitting that milestone, we also see details of how quick the app got there, including charts as well as details about in-app purchases and how quick people upgrade to new versions of the app.

Camera+ is on version 2.2 now, which launched last week with a new feature called Clarity. With that update, the company also saw the 2 million apps mark being hit. The speed at which the company went from 1 million downloads to 2 million was quick, just under 3 months from what we hear.

The figures provided show that Camera+ has sold 2,061,403 copies and that the net sales amount is $1,833,722 which isn’t bad at all for an iPhone app.

When version 2.2 launched, we see that within six days just over 1 million users had upgraded to the new version with almost 400,000 of them upgrading on day 1.

As for in-app purchases, we hear that about 5% of Camera+ owners pay for a 99 cent upgrade. So far, 98,169 users have purchased the add-on and this has created $68,267 in net sales. That’s not quite the 1.8M of the full app, but even $68k is nothing to complain at!

Via: Techmeme

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