Camera+ App for iPhone Gets VolumeSnap Feature Back

It appears that the API for iOS 5 now allows for buttons to be used within apps. If you remember last year when the Camera+ app was yanked from the app store, the reason for it was that it used a hardware button to control the shutter on the camera. Apple didn’t like this.

Since then Apple has added the feature to the built in camera app whereby users can now use the + volume button to activate the shutter, rather than using the onscreen button. It appears that the API now allows for 3rd party apps to use this feature as Camera+ now has the feature back which is called VolumeSnap.

If you have Camera+ then go grab the latest update to bring back VolumeSnap to the app. The update can be grabbed in the usual way either via the App Store on the iPhone or via iTunes on the desktop (remember to sync after downloading there).


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