Best Buy Preparing for Apple iPad Launch

The US store Best Buy is gearing up for the April 3 Apple iPad launch date by training staff and providing details of events leading up to the launch date.

On April 3 the iPad will only be available to purchase either at an Apple Store or Best Buy (referring to physical locations and not ordering online via the Apple site). The process will see Best Buy set up a store-in-store where a section will be created for Apple products to be purchased. This will happen at 675 of the 1000 or so US locations. and the other 325 locations will not carry the iPad.

In preparation for the launch it is believed that Best Buy stores will start receiving display materials early next week which will also contain information that an iMac and a couple of notebooks will not be on display for the iPad launch to make extra space for the event.

Something interesting that was spotted included the demo units (four of them) will each have four separate SKU’s. The interesting thing here is that Apple are only launching three SKU’s on April 3 (meaning the Wi-Fi versions of the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB). Potentially that just means the fourth unit is a demo Wi-Fi+3G model which could be tested and pre-ordered. It is unlikely that another unannounced model will be revealed.

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