Buffalo SSD Linkstation NAS

buffalo-linkstation-ls-wss240glBuffalo has created a new NAS in their Linkstation range which uses SSD drives instead of the good old harddrive. It features space for two 120GB SSD’s and also drops the fan too to make it run more silent.

The NAS drive can be used in two ways. The first out of the box way is to have around 240GB of storage by using both drives as single drives. The other option is to do a RAID mirror setup where data is duplicated across the 120GB drives (ie, you only get 120GB of storage, but do get the comfort of knowing you have a backup of everything).

The Buffalo SSD Linkstation NAS also can utilise your PC’s power saving settings when connected up via the USB port. The USB port on the Linkstation also allows for cameras and other devices to connect up to direct so pictures can be transferred direct from a camera to it. With it being a size that will comfortably sit in your hand it could make a great extra storage device for those on the move.

The device is named the LS-WSS240GL/R1 which will be available this month for $1150.

Via: SlashGear

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