Buccaneer Shooting Game

Shooting games are great! Not because it’s a way to vent frustration, but more because it’s probably a pride thing knowing that you have a better aim then your best mate. The Buccaneer shooting game comes with a gun but doesnt actually shoot out anything. All is good though because of the built in infra red sensors on the target. When you shoot the pistol and you are on target then the infra red sensor detects this and makes the spring loaded plugs launch any object on top of the log in to the air. Sounds great! To add to it there is a nice “piioowww” shooting noise which ads that edge of realism to this.
Shooting Game

Shooting Game Animated

* A replica log with four infrared sensors.
* An infrared flintlock gun.
* The infrared sensors on the log are connected to four plastic plugs on the top of the log. When the gun *fires at the log, the beam releases the sprung plug sending whatever is on top of it flying.
* When the gun hits its target, a great shooting noise is released.
* Four skull and crossbones bedecked barrels ready for you to blast into oblivion (well shoot at at any rate).
* The log is made of plastic.
* A great range stretching to more than 10 metres.
* Suitable for ages 5 years+.
* Requires 2 x AA Batteries (not included) for the gun and 4 x D Cell Batteries (not included) for the log.

Buy it now from I Want One of Those for only £29.99

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