BT-H12-VP Handsfree Speaker Phone with Headset

This handsfree kit is called the BT-H12-VP and is designed to work in your car. The unit is attached to the sunvisor and provides a Bluetooth two-way speaker phone for your connected mobile phone. The small headset seen in the picture is also detachable allowing you to take it with you when leaving the car.

It has all the usual bluetooth specs that include a 10 meter range for pairing up to your mobile phone along with 80 hours of standby and a 4 hour talk time.

Other features include echo cancellation and noise depression to silence out the background noise as well as allow two way conversations to happen. The unit can be charged while talking allowing it to always be fully charged when needed to be used away from the car.

The BT-H12-VP Handsfree speaker and ear piece kit are available for $68.82.

Via: RedFerret

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