British Red Phone Box Mobile Phone

British-telephone-box-shaped-cellphoneThis crazy looking mobile phone is designed to look like a red phonebox from the UK. The phone it’s self is fully functional and comes with a 65K colour TFT screen, a camera, SMS, MMS and GPRS/WAP 2.0. Maybe not the best of specs but who cares when it looks like it does.

Also included are the early 00’s polyphonic style ringtones of which 20 are built in to the phone. Melodys include God Save the Queen and other style songs.

The phone is unlocked (I guess O2 couldn’t/didn’t want to add another exclusive to their network ;)) so any network will do. The phone costs £86 which could put a few people off this novelty gift.

Available from RedtelephoneBox Via: TechChee


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