Bravo Golf Simulator

Bravo-Golf-SimulatorThe Bravo Golf Simulator allows you to play Golf indoors. It is built from high quality material and comes with a 5000 ANSI Lumen projector that can provide a HD resolution on the 16:9 aspect ratio screen.

One of the more interesting features is an eight-faced moving plate that represents the turf around the ball on the screen making it more realistic when swinging the golf club.

The Bravo Golf Simulator has a friendly graphical user interface with a multilingual backup system and would make an ideal Christmas present for any guy to have… although no doubt it has a very high price tag and a number of people won’t have space for such a toy.

Full details available here, Via: BornRich


  1. I like the idea of the different plates for matching up the lie on the simulator. That should make the feel much more realistic.

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