BMW Support iPod Out on iOS 4

When Apple [AAPL] announced iOS 4 they said a large number of enhancements had been included. These of course include multitasking as well as many other popular features that have been publicly known. Another one of the new features is called iPod Out which appears to have been overlooked somewhat. Thankfully, BMW has an all seeing eye and spotted the new feature allowing them to create quite a decent interface for their cars.

iPod Out is a function that enables an external screen to display and control music playback. Docking an iPhone running iOS 4 for example, could allow a car to have a screen installed and all the iPod controls appear on screen within the car.

BMW will be doing this with their BMW and Mini entertainment systems. The iPod Out function works on any iOS 4 device which includes the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and iPod touch second and third generation.

One of the good things about this function in iOS 4 is that the image pushed to another screen still uses the iOS 4 interface allowing users to interact in a familiar way.

The iPod Out interface should be immediately familiar to anyone who’s used an older iPod Classic device and features simple text-based menus and album artwork on the Now Playing screen. Navigating the iPod interface has always been super simple using Apple’s click wheel. We wonder how easily it will be navigated with BMW’s iDrive controller.

It isn’t clear when the first cars will roll off production with iPod Out functions but lets hope it’s soon as it would make a decent media player for the car.


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