BMW Adaptive SatNav System

bmw-intelligent-gpsSatNav devices tend not to be smart. The reason for this is that they simple plan a route from a to b and occasionally re route you if you either a, tell it to or b, some traffic report comes through (that is often wrong). BMW are creating a new system that hopes to put a bit of intelligence in to your Satnav.

The new system is called ILENA (Intelligent Learning Navigation System) and from what we can work out it picks up habits from your daily routine such as knowing what time you sit in the car and predicting if at that time you are normally on your way to work. Right now it seems to be working at 80% efficiency in that by the time you start the engine your route is already planned. Other signals that help ILENA to work is by putting your mobile phone in the car. Bluetooth picks up who is the driver and adjusts the seat accordingly. If it’s your wife driving it plans her most probable route automatically. As well as using basic signals of who is in the car it also connects to your diary. Should it notice you have an appointment at 3pm at the Dr’s then when you get in the car at 2:30pm it will probably have planned a route already to the Dr’s using the most efficient route.

Savings on fuel economy are said to be around 10% for using the device. I guess that will be related to traffic information also allowing you to travel at better speeds rather then the stop and start of busy traffic.

Indeed, a very interesting system and it will be interesting to see how it actually works once available.

Via: CrunchGear

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