BluEye – The Bluetooth Hands Free for iPod

BluEye iPod
BluEye is designed for the iPod and is compatible with your mobile phone. It seamlessly connects both devices together allowing you to listen to music and make and take calls through your iPod. When this device is connected to your iPod you then pair it up with your mobile phone. BluEye has a built in microphone allowing you to speak and the iPod headphones act as a speaker. When the call is finished the music resumes playing from where it left off. This device is one of those genius type devices. Mobile phones themselves can be ok for listening to music, but for some reason I personally just prefer my iPod for this. Being able to listen to music with out fear of missing a call is ideal, especially as I am on call and its crucual I do answer my phone when ringing.

The BluEye is not only a Bluetooth transmitter/receiver, but it also is capable of receiving FM signals so you can listed to radio stations over your mobile phone. Yet again, this is another smart move. The BluEye also allows you to store your favourite 15 stations. One last cool feature is that it works as a remote control for your iPod. Being designed in White it fits in well with the style of the iPod and makes the device look like it was meant to be there.

* Make and receive calls on your iPod
* Plug’ n’ Play with most Bluetooth enabled mobile phones
* Caller Number ID displayed on iPod screen
* Automatically pause and resume music for incoming calls
* Last 9 numbers redial from your iPod
* Voice dial when paired with supported Bluetooth phones
* 15 Presets and auto scan FM Radio
* Use your own headphones
* No need for batteries
* Bluetooth 2.0

Via: Gear4

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