Bluetrek X3 Bluetooth Rugged Headset Review

Bluetrek-X3We recently received a Bluetrek X3 bluetooth headset for review to test how it performs. The Bluetrek X3 is described as being splash proof, shock proof and dust resistant. It is designed to be rugged allowing it to be used in various weather conditions and still function correctly. Included in the box is the ear piece it’s self which comes with a clip that goes around the ear. Several other sized clips are also provided so you can pick the most comfortable one to use. A USB wall charger can be found along with an in car lighter charger as well as a short and slightly rigid USB cable for charging on your computer or connecting to the lighter charging unit.

There are just 3 buttons on the device to make it function. On the front of the headset is a button which you hold down to enable bluetooth to pair it with your phone. On the top side is a volume up and on the bottom side is a volume down button. Other than that, there are no other controls on the headset.

Pairing the headset is simple and all you need to do is enable bluetooth on your phone, hit the search for devices button on your phone and make sure the headset is switched on too. The phone and headset will then be paired and all audio on the phone will then be diverted to the headset allowing you to make and receive calls hands free.

Power wise, the X3 rugged headset has about 8 hours of talk time with 10 days of standby power. It weighs just 13g so sits very comfortably in the ear without you realising it’s there.

On the edge of the device is a small flap which pulls back to reveal a small USB connector. This port is used to charge the headset.

Overall, an impressive headset witch good sound quality and built very well allowing it to handle the dodgy British weather comfortably.

More details over at Bluetrek. Thanks to for providing the review sample.

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