BlackPad OS Details Could be Announced Tonight

Tonight, RIM will be announcing at a developers conference some details about the BlackPad. However, what wont be announced are details about the tablet its self, rather just the inner workings that developers will need to know.

The keynote will be delivered by Mike Lazaridis and although no hardware will specifically be mentioned, we should get some good details about what RIM wants to do with the QNX OS that is expected to be used. If lucky, we might get a glimpse in a photo, but it is unlikely.

Of course, if we see anything interesting, we’ll pass the details on to you. BGR also note that we might hear some details on QNX moving in to smartphones over the next few years. However, this isn’t an easy process from what we understand so we might not see a new OS on a BlackBerry device any time soon.


  1. BlackPad Case says

    I will buy whatever device allows me to run whatever OS and programs on it that I want, without any restrictions, unlocking, jailbreaking, or other DRM. I want to play whatever movies I want, whatever music I want, read whatever books I want.

    No restrictions on me = Sale for the vendor. Otherwise, no $$$ for you.

    Too bad the iPad doesn’t offer this – it’s really nice and I’d buy one to replace my seriously aged Tungsten C…

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