BlackBerry Style 9670 OS Tutorials Arrive Online

The BlackBerry Style 9670 has yet to be announced which is why we can rely on these leaked videos (embedded below) to show us what is arriving in the new device.

The BlackBerry Style doesn’t have a touchscreen which makes integrating with OS 6 a little different than the Torch for example.

Instead of tapping on the screen, an optical touchpad can be used.

The BlackBerry Style is a clamshell phone with two screens. One is smaller and sits on the outside. This secondary screen is used for status updates such as showing what emails are incoming. Controls on the side of the phone let you flick between different options and messages to read them without opening the phone.

The inner screen runs the main features of the phone. The optical pad lets you scroll up, down, left and right through menus and functions. It doesn’t look as versatile as a touchscreen phone, but at the same time it doesn’t look too difficult to learn either and reminds me of regular feature phones before touchscreens were popular.

Videos below…

Via: Crackberry

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