BlackBerry Storm 3 Details Leaked

Yesterday, the BlackBerry Storm 3 was spotted in a document. Today, we noticed over on Engadget that they managed to get hold of a screen shot of a training manual that shows the smartphone is getting a few upgrades. The upgrades that will appear on the Storm 3 indicate that it will be more capable of running BlackBerry OS 6.

The RAM on the Storm 3 will be double that of the Storm 2 giving it 512MB to work with. The camera will increase to 5 megapixels and wireless connectivity is bumped up to 802.11n. Another decent feature is the ability to make the Storm 3 in to a wireless hotspot although that is listed under the “coming soon” banner which we assume will not be available at launch.

It isn’t clear when the BlackBerry Storm 3 will be released as a shadow blocks off part of the month showing it as just ember which could be September, November or December.

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