BlackBerry Storm 2 – AKA BlackBerry 9550

BlackBerry-Storm-2-9550The BlackBerry Storm 2, AKA BlackBerry 9550, is getting launched soon. BlackBerryCool managed to get hold of a pre-production model to test what’s new about it and how the new fancy screen actually works.

Not much has been posted by the guys at blackberrycool just yet, but the purpose of the post linked to above was to ask their audience what they wanted to know about it. What we do know is that it’s got a newer operating system and the screen has been reworked a little to provide a better feedback.

According to the brief review the screen works better thanks to a shortened travel distance which makes the keyboard more responsive.

Questions asked so far have seen a few asking for the official release date, WiFi included?, Is the camera laggy? as well as battery performance. Hopefully Blackberrycool can get the review up quickly and have the questions answered.

Via: rimarkable

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