BlackBerry PlayBook Update Brings Native Email

RIM is getting ready to bring an update to the BlackBerry PlayBook that will finally bring native email to the tablet computer. At the moment the PlayBook lacks basic functions to a number of people because you cannot check email with it unless you connect to a BlackBerry Smartphone through a bridge service. When connected to a BB smartphone the emails show up on the device, but as soon as you break the link the emails vanish.

The lack of native emails is a problem as the target audience is likely to want and need to check emails. They’re also likely to want to check emails without the hassle of connecting up to another device to get them. This alone will make the update, due out in September, most welcomed.

We are also hearing rumours that RIM will also launch the Android player although we don’t know at the moment if it will be included in the native email update. It is likely to be this year from what we hear though.


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