BlackBerry PlayBook Running Android Apps Demonstrated

Last week RIM launched the developer beta of BBX OS 2.0. What this allows developers to do is run Android apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook. We’ve seen demonstrations of this before that have been created by RIM, but now we see a demonstration of some Android apps running by an external person to RIM.

Several apps can be seen running on the BlackBerry PlayBook, of which are Android apps. The several seen include IM+ Pro, Evernote, Kindle, Google Places and a number of other apps.

Performance is a little better than I expected with apps loading up quite quickly. It isn’t known at the moment how many Android apps will run on the PlayBook when this is made official but it looks like some of the more popular apps are running just fine.

As the developer beta of BBX OS 2.0 only just launched last week, we don’t know when the full version will be released so that regular users can start using Android apps. At least RIM is making a step in the right direction with the beta release.


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