BlackBerry PlayBook Release Date Rumored to be March

RIM has dropped a hint at the BlackBerry PlayBook release date indicating that it will certainly be before the end of the first quarter of 2011, ie probably March.

On a Q3 earnings call last week, the following was said…

“There are no PlayBook revenues included in our Q4 guidance, and we expect the first revenue impact from PlayBook will be in RIM’s first quarter,”

RIM’s first fiscal quarter starts in March next year which could mean the release date is March, April or May. However, a RIM spokes women has said that the tablet will ship in the first quarter of 2011 (calendar year). This leaves March as the only month on each side as its the end of the 1st calendar quarter and the beginning of the the financial Q1.

Of course, this doesn’t guarantee the launch of the PlayBook in March and merely just points towards that month as being the PlayBook release date.

Hopefully we get an official announcement soon.

Via: Engadget


  1. andrew Hoffman says

    Looking forward to release of Playbook to keep my Torch 9800 company and good working order.I hope it comes wi th bluetooth and 3G atleast and full flash support ? From all I’ve read high expectations seem warranted butjustified.Only thing that bugs me about OS 6.0 is that it only has Flashlite.Does 6.0 1.8 make any difference.

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