BlackBerry OS 6 Video Gives Another Sneak Peak

The official BlackBerry youtube channel has had a video uploaded to it teasing BlackBerry OS 6. The sneak peak shows the interface with a large touchscreen and virtual keyboard which is a step away from the normal BlackBerry norm other than the likes of the Storm 2.

The video shows some media with a lot of interaction over various means such as Twitter, Facebook and text/MMS messages.

It actually looks quite good and very workable. It is still unclear though when RIM will be launching the new OS. We had heard rumours of last month, but that never happened.

RIM comment in an official blog post about BlackBerry OS 6 that the new OS will attract a new range of customers to the platform including those who haven’t considered the move previously.

No release dates are mentioned in the blog post although it does mention they are moving closer to an official release. Depending on bugs and development I guess that could be anywhere from this week to Christmas or more. We hope to see it though within the next few months.

Check out the video below to see the new BlackBerry OS 6 in action…

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