BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Gets Siri-like Voice Commands

A new version of BlackBerry 10 was launched recently to developers (BB10 Dev Alpha). Along with that new launch the OS comes with a new voice command system. At the moment, it appears that RIM is using the same technology that Apple uses (Nuance) as the voice responses appear to be identical to what Siri sounds like albeit, far less advanced at the moment as there’s a lack of things it can do.

The way it works is also similar although a male voice prompts telling you to wait for a beep before you can ask the device something. When you do ask the phone to do something a Siri like (US female) voice responds back.

Take a look at the video below to see a demonstration of it working:

Although it would be easy to write this off as being a poor implementation, remember that the OS is still an Alpha release which means there is a way off from RIM launching it with lots of potential to be fine tuned.


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