Bing Maps Imaging Center

Microsoft [MSFT] is pushing Bing Maps quite a lot recently. Scobleizer is reporting that they will be flying planes over every inch of the US in the next 18 months to capture high resolution imagery. The problem with doing that is that the images need to be stored somewhere.

All the images are sent to a location in Boulder, CO. where they are edited, processed and stored on a five petabyte storage unit… that particular unit is a mobile shipping container, the sort that sits on a large truck. Robert Scoble managed to get a look inside one of the mini datacenters to see exactly what it was like in there. Due to the storage facility being squeezed in a container, it makes it very loud inside.

Check out the video below to see exactly what goes on inside a datacenter container. Check out Scobleizer for the audio interview of how the images are captured and what technology is used to capture them.

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