Bing Maps Calculates Cab Fares

Microsoft [MSFT] has updated it’s Bing Mapping service to now include a function that can calculate cab fares.

The system allows you to calculate how much a taxi fare will cost you between two locations. The data used to calculate the fare includes the regular rates for the area you search in along with the distance travelled and a pick-up charge.

This service is very useful for those either unfamiliar with the area who want to make sure they do not get ripped off, or for those who do not travel often by a taxi to destinations.

Taxi Fare Calculator is one of many apps being considered for Microsoft’s King of Bing Maps title. The winner will soon be selected by a panel that includes CNET’s Josh Lowensohn, Search Engine Land’s Greg Sterling and Directions’ Joe Francica. Expect the announcement to show up on the Bing (Bing) blog August 20.

If you want to make use of the service now, you can as it is already available. The service works best for busy areas such as New York and London although you might be able to use the service in other destinations also.

Via: Mashable

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