Bing Android Application Launching Within 6 Weeks

Microsoft [MSFT] is launching a new application for Android devices. The new Bing application will be able to do most of what the web application can do in that you can search images, maps, news, shopping or regular results from within the Bing App.

Bing is trailing behind Google by quite a lot in terms of market share. By pushing the Bing App out there on to a popular platform, it should give them a little boost although we suspect it wont go fixing any problems any time soon.

Part of the new Bing Android app will be based around mapping where location based search will play a big role. Search for a Zoo for example and it will load up the closest Zoo to you and show you where it is on the map along with contact details and other information.

An exact launch date of the Bing App isn’t known, but according to Yahoo! news we should see it within the next six weeks appearing on the Android Market.

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