Bigtrak Replica Now Available

If you grew up in the 80’s then you’ll remember Bigtrak. Firebox is selling an exact replica of the MB original and it is now called Bigtrak 2010.

The Bigtrak 2010 is exactly the same size as the original and was actually created with the same moulds that were used to make the original.

For those who do not remember, Bigtrak works by feeding it commands on the interface that sits on top. You can tell it to move forwards, rotate, move backwards and flash a light on the front. When telling it to go forwards you work in lengths like “move forwards 5 lengths” and then rotate 30 degrees. A whole sequence could be programmed to make Bigtrak move around your living room.

Check out the advert below to see the original in action. You can pick one up now at Firebox for £34.99.


  1. This is a beautiful gadget!

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