Becker Z205 Launching in Germany

becker-Z205Becker have launched a new GPS unit over in Germany that looks fantastic. It is named the Becker Z205 and has a number of high-end features built in.

The Becker satnav device has a TMC Pro receiver built in that gives it the capability of grabbing the latest traffic updates. Text to speech is also included as well as voice command. The Z205 satnav uses Navteq’s Traffic Patterns system to estimate traffic conditions and patterns to help you plan a quicker route to your destination that avoids common busy traffic spots.

Bluetooth is also included in the device allowing you to connect your mobile phone to it and send/receive calls. The 3D maps included also show certain buildings in extra detail. Also, it features 3D landscapes which can be seen in the demo video below. The video is almost 10 minutes long and gives a full (no commentary) run of what the device can do. I’d certainly like to see the Becker Z205 launch over in the UK.

Via: Navigadget

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