BBC iPad and iPhone News App Launched

The BBC has launched a new iPad and iPhone app for BBC News that brings current news to the devices.

With the app being created by/for the BBC, it has no ads and is free to download. The application it’s self works well. On the iPhone version you get a list of the current news stories by category on a side scrolling carousel. The categories can be moved around as well as deleted from the top of the page if not required. When clicking a story, it opens up to display the text as found on the BBC News site. An additional feature includes the ability to play video through the application. When visiting the BBC News site in Safari, you lose the flash elements.

The iPad version is almost identical other than the screen is split in half with the news headlines on the left and the story on the right. On both versions the news ticker is present that shows you the latest stories as they break.

The application was delayed for various reasons, but now it’s here it’s a welcomed addition to iOS devices. After briefly testing both versions this morning, I have to say it works well on both the iPhone and the iPad and is far better than visiting the site via Safari.

You can grab the app over at iTunes or in the App Store.

Update: There is a small bug in the iPad version that stops the carousel’s loading up when rotating from portrait back to landscape. Rather than showing the news headlines, a light green box covers the left side of the screen. We assume an update will be pushed out soon to fix this.

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