BBC Will Broadcast All Content in HD By April 2011

HDTV has been around a while in the UK now although at the moment, there’s still very few HD channels to choose from leaving us with just regular standard def to watch on our fancy and large screens.

There is good news coming though because the BBC has announced that as of April 2011, all BBC channels will be broadcast in HD. The BBC HD channels will have all shows transmitted through them in optimum HD quality.

In order to make this possible the BBC has requested that all shows made for any BBC channel is filmed using HD equipment so that when the time comes, there will be a wide variety of programs already recorded in HD quality. Of course the BBC will continue to play older programs from what we understand will be enhanced for HD.

We hear that in September of this year, the BBC will also start broadcasting BBC One in HD.

Originally the BBC planned to make this shift by the early part of 2010, but as Brits we get used to constant delays in all walks of life: Wembley, check-in at Heathrow, the M6, the list goes on, but in the traditional British spirits we will queue up, wait patiently and have a good moan about it all.

An interesting comment over on Zath indicates that HD cameras are not the only problem the TV shows will have. EastEnders for example need some time to clean up the sets so that the full HD cameras don’t see the problems with the sets which standard def has been able to hide. We suspect it will be similar for a number of programs that regularly get broadcast too.

It will be a good leap forwards if the plans happen in April. Lets hope all other channels follow soon. We noticed recently that ITV and Channel 4 also now broadcast in HD. There’s still many channels to go though.

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