Bat Cave Home Cinema

bat-cave-home-theaterThis bat cave home cinema was built by Frankston HiFi and was built from the ground up starting right at the carpet. Walls we then created carefully to make them look as realistic as possible. The room measures 26ft x 18ft making it fairly large.

On the technical side of things the bat cave cinema has a 10ft curved screen along with a communications room that holds all the audio and video equipment needed to run the room. A remote controlled pneumatic sliding door allows access to the room when needed although there are no poles to slide down for access.

Chris says the curved screen, which measures 10ft x 4ft (3m x 1.3m) is perfect for cinemascope movies, the format preferred by most Hollywood movie companies for their theatrical releases which later move to DVD. But the screen automatically masks back to 16:9 if the viewer selects TV mode or Pay TV in that format. To achieve the best possible viewing experience, Chris chose a Blackwing III DILA Cineversum projector paired with a Schneider 2:35 anamorphic motorized lens, which enlarges the image to fit the right format. It glides automatically into place in front of the projector when cinemascope format is recognized by the DVD player.

The whole set up took around a month to complete and includes the following gadgets…
* Audio visual Lexicon MC12HD EQ B Surround Processor
* Lexicon ZX7 Power amplifier
* Lexicon RX7 Power amplifier
* Cineversum Blackwing III DILA Projector
* Cineversum Master 4 Video Processor
* Schnieder 2:35 Anamorphic Lens
* Stewart Cinecurve 3.1m Wide Screen with 16:9 masking
* Digitalview DVR-810 PVR
* Pioneer Blu Ray Player
* 3 x B&W CT7.3 LCR
* 6 x B&W CT7.5 Surrounds
* 2 x JL Audio f113 Subwoofers
* Control system Philips Pronto TSU9600 + RFX9600 Serial Extender
* RTI Keypads
* Other Clipsal C-Bus Lighting Control
* Pneumatic Sliding Door Control

It’s certainly an impressive home cinema set up! Via: GizMag






  1. Pretty awesome, it looks lik eyou could only ever watch like eight movies though.

  2. Elite HTS says

    I know that this may be shameless self promotion but I wanted to add that Elite Home Theater Seating provided all the seats for the theater!

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