Barclays PINsentry

Barclays PINsentry
Several months ago, Barclays announced a new security system for online banking in the UK. The device is named PINsentry and is used to log in to their online banking sytem by providing it your PIN code. The PINsentry is a small calculator sized device which has a slot for your credit card on the top, a screen and a keypad to enter your PIN number. After successful authentication you then use the number provided on the screen to log in to your online bank account. Not every Barclays online customer will get a PINsentry device right away. Only those who set up payments to new third party accounts will begin to use the PINsentry device. Around half a million customers either will, or have just received their PINsentry device.

I received mine a couple of weeks back and it does what it says it does. I can log in first time, every time with an 8 digit number generated from my card and PIN code. On a security side it is more secure because it requires that the person logging in has the physical card to log in with and also knows the PIN code as well as having a Barclays PINsentry device. The only downside I have found is that it needs to travel with me so that I can access my accounts anywhere I want and I tend to still forget this and find I cannot log on when needed.

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  1. Tony Sharpe says

    requested a pin code generator in order to access my accocunt online overseas. Instead, I seem to have received what can only be described as a Fischer Price child’s toy calculator! Besides looking ridiculous, this beast is way to heavy to carry around in my pocket.

    I have to say though, that it did bring stop a trading desk for a minute in Australia, whilst those looking at it had a jolly good laugh.

    It’s heavy, cumbersome, looks ridiculous – and frankly I don’t want it. I work overseas much of the time and whetehr doing that or not – this playbrick is way too heavy to carry around.

    There are much better devices available for other banks, so send yours back to Barclays! If enough people object then they will have to change it. Let’s face it – it looks stupid & childish, is heavy nad inconvenient to carry around. It’s a pile of poo!

  2. James Benneton says

    I heard that there is a portable version of the card reader you can buy from this website.
    These devices are interoperable and the thin version is allegedly easy to carry in your wallet. I have placed an order for this and will leave feedbac on whether this is as good as it seems!!


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