Banned XBox Users Might get Unban Hack

xbox360Microsoft recently banned a huge amount of XBox owners (around 1 million of them) from accessing XBox Live due to them running modded XBox 360 consoles. Microsoft at the time of the ban said the only way to access XBox live was to basically buy a new XBox console and not mod it.

Hackers of course wouldn’t sit down and accept that so it seems a workaround has already been created whereby if you make a few tweaks to the firmware running you can actually log back on to the service.

The process looks to be quite complicated requiring that you use iXtreme LT (Light Touch) to cover up some of the signals that tell Microsoft you are running a hacked console while at the same time, acting as a modded console that still can do what it did before.

Rather than repeat the complicated process here, I’d say check out DailyTech who have a list of instructions and all the steps needed to get your console back online. One thing to also note is that the complete process requires the use of a number of free tools, so use at your own risk.

Now I doubt that all 1M hacked console owners will get back online due to the complexity, but the next step would probably be that someone will create a single pass tool to unblock your XBox with a click rather than a complex process.

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