Ballistic Cyclone Watch Review

We recently received a Ballistic Cyclone watch to review from the guys over at Watches Shop to see if it was any good and what it’s all about.

In the email asking if we would do the review a comment was made saying… “Ballistic watches are unlike any other wrist watch available on the market – they are the strongest, toughest and most durable watches available in the world.”

The watch it’s self is built well and has a heavy feel to it. It is covered in gold plating and although not to my taste it still is done very well. On the right side of the watch, three buttons can be found. The top one is used to start the stop watch where a large red second hand ticks around when starting it. The same button also stops the stop watch. The bottom button is used to reset the second hand returning it back to zero. The middle button is used to set the time and has 3 positions that allow you to set the time and calibrate the second hand to zero after changing a battery.

The watch face has several hands which includes the obvious hour, minute and second hands that tick (rather than sweep) around the face. The second hand for time can be found in the small inner-dial at the bottom/centre of the face. The inner-dial to the right has a 24 hour hand while the inner-dial on the left houses the minute hand for timing with the stop watch. The large red hand that sits at zero is the one for the stop watch and stays at zero permanently unless timing.

Overall I’d say I am impressed with the Ballistic Cyclone watch. As mentioned earlier, I am not a fan of gold, so for me it would need to be silver, but either way it is built very well, weighs a fair bit on the wrist (not an uncomfortable weight) and has a good chunky look to it which for some, might not be what they want.

Other features include 100m water resistance, the ability to smack it on the face with a hammer (demonstrated below) or drive over it (should you wish). The presentation is also good as it comes in a nice sturdy metal box packed with the watch it’s self and instructions on how to set the time and configure the stop watch hand to zero.

If gold isn’t for you then you can check out the Ballistic Watches page. Alternatively, the watch we reviewed can be found over here and costs £179.01.


  1. Silviu Dima says

    I have bought at least 30 watches of diffrent model from ballistic for me and my friends, so i think i can leave a feedback on this brand.
    First of all i’ve been wearing a Ballistic Cyclone for the past 2 years, and I have to say it feels and looks pretty good and solid.
    The biggest issue with this watches is that the spring bars are very bad and you can easily loose your watch. Even with the Cyclone model wich is the most expensive, and has different sprin bars(they are screwed in) you still find this problem.
    Avoid the models that come with leather strap because the glue used to make it is very bad, and in a short time it will fell apart.
    An important advice that I can give you is don’t try those resistance tests you see on youtube because you will manage to damage your watch, these watches are nowhere close to being indestructible.
    For example I have scratched my glass with a screwdriver(but indeed when I hit it with the hammer there was no damage) so don’t use sharp tools on the glass because it will scratch.
    An important thing you need to know is that if you manage to break your watch the supplier doesn’t sell any parts, only complete watches, wich i think is a big downside.

    The best thing about these watches is that you get pretty decent quality for the price and you can realy go swimming and diving with them, I haven’t got any problem with these watches in the water.

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