Ball and Magnet Watch – The 900 Abacus

Watches are getting very interesting over the last few years which LED watches becoming quite popular from Tokyo Flash. Often they are made from slightly different materials to get a sleek look. The latest I came across was the 900 Abacus watch which uses a ball and magnet to tell the time. There are no hands or numbers on the watch. To tell the time you take a look at the magnetic sphere which moves around the face. The sphere is not fastened down and when you walk around the sphere moves around freely under the glass till you hold the watch flat. At this point the sphere rolls to the correct time. As it only has 1 sphere, it only tells time by hours which means you need to roughly estimate how many minutes past the hour it is.

The watch is also water resistant down to 30 meters.

The watch prices will start just short of $150 with more information available at Questodesign.


  1. hi
    where do we get abacus 900 watches in india.

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